Sunny South Vet also acts as a dispensing veterinary pharmacy. We fill prescriptions that your veterinarian sends us.

Frequently asked questions:

What medications require prescriptions?

  • all antibiotics
  • implants containing an antibiotic - currently Component Implants with Tylan
  • all modified live vaccinations (MLV) - such as: Bovi-shield Gold, Express, Pyramid.
  • all other medications that have a Pr symbol on the label. These include hormones such as Estrumate, CIDR, Planate etc.

Can I get my veterinarian to send my prescription to another vet clinic so I can purchase my medications there?

  • Yes. If you have a prescription on file at your vet’s clinic, the Vet or Vet Technician can transfer the prescription to another clinic of your choice.

How do I know if I have a prescription on file with my vet?

  • If you are currently purchasing prescription medications from your vet, that means you have a prescription on file at your vet’s clinic. You can call your vet’s clinic and ask them to transfer the prescription.

For Prescribing Veterinarians - what needs to be on a prescription?

  • Prescribing veterinarian and certified veterinary facility, and contact information
  • Client Name
  • Date
  • Identification of individual animal or group of animals - eg. Beef Calves, Milk Cows, Sows
  • Name of drug prescribed and concentration
  • Quantity of drug prescribed and any refills if applicable
  • Directions for use, including dose, route, frequency, and duration - eg. 2ml SQ/animal 1x/day for 2 days
  • Withdrawal time
  • Substitution (yes or no) of same drug (different brand name)
  • Signature of the veterinarian - on written prescriptions. Note that a prescription can be called in verbally by a veterinarian, but it must be transcribed by the dispensing clinic by a DVM or RVT. This same process would apply internally within a clinic that both prescribes and dispenses.
  • Example Prescription Template

If you have more questions, please feel free to call and speak with a veterinarian or RVT at our main office in Lethbridge.