Prescription Orders

Sunny South Vet operates as a dispensing pharmacy veterinary practice.  This means that we dispense prescription medications against a prescription that your veterinarian sends us.

Frequently asked questions:

What medications require prescriptions?

  • all antibiotics
  • implants containing an antibiotic - currently Component Implants with Tylan
  • all modified live vaccinations (MLV) - such as: Bovi-shield Gold, Express, Pyramid.
  • all other medications that have a Pr symbol on the label.  These include hormones such as Estrumate, CIDR, Planate etc.

Can I get my veterinarian to send my prescription to another vet clinic so I can purchase my medications there?

  • Yes. If you have a prescription on file at your vet's clinic, the Vet or Vet Technician can trasnfer the prescription to another clinic of your choice.

How do I know if I have a prescription on file with my vet?

  • If you are currently purchasing prescription medications from your vet, that means you have a prescription on file at your vet's clinic.  You can call your vet's clinic and ask them to trasnfer the prescription.

 If you have more questions, please feel free to call and speak with a veterinarian at either of our locations.